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How to Tap Into Your Divine Feminine

Channel your fiercely feminine energy, full of intuition and creativity.

We are in the midst of a new earth, a collective awakening is upon us. As we embark on 2021, we invite new beginnings and welcome in the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius represents the feminine archetype – the goddess or priestess.

Now is the time to step into our Divine Feminine and connect with the ultimate Shakti energy that resides within. This year we are being called to, “turn the power over to the individual, giving the freedom for you to choose your own reality based on what aligns with your soul,” says astrologer, Adama Sesay.

All of us, both male and female, are honored with the Divine Feminine within. Let’s explore some ways we can tap into this powerful energy to promote healing from the inside out.

Begin your journey of connecting to the Divine Feminine by venturing within. When we silence our external world, we can tap into our internal home; where our most profound wisdom resides. It is here that we can connect with our feminine energy in her truest form— an insight into our most authentic selves.

Find a sacred space where you will not be interrupted. Gently close your eyes and arrive at the present moment. You can spend a few moments here appreciating the breath. As you feel into each inhale and exhale, explore your natural rhythm.

Now begin to visualize a bright light at the base of the spine, the Mūlādhāra chakra. Imagine Mother Nature's roots expanding from this golden light, rooting into the earth beneath you. As you embrace this grounding state, allow yourself to feel safe and secure as Gaia holds you. Here you can become rooted in your truth as you awaken the feminine energy within.

By unleashing the Kundalini Shakti this way, we can use her strength to heal. Feel into every element of this energy and visualize your day in alignment with your highest self.

You may be wondering how to awaken your inner Divine Feminine? Celebrate your Divine Feminine energy by chanting this sacred Sanskrit mantra devoted to the Divine Energy:

Sarva Mangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike

Saranye Trayambike Gauri Narayani Namostute

This powerful Durga mantra translates to, "She is the most auspicious one and the one who bestows auspiciousness upon all of the worlds. She is pure and holy. She protects those who surrender to her and is also called the Mother of the three worlds and is Gauri, the mountain king's daughter. We bow down to Mother Durga again and again. We worship her."

Reciting this mantra out loud for as many rounds as you feel comfortable will invoke the subtle presence of the Goddesses. Giving rise to her qualities so that you can receive elements of strength, wisdom, and prosperity.

Our natural breath guides us through life, allowing us to live each day to its fullest. The power of breathwork has endless benefits and is becoming more commonly practiced in this day and age.

A specific technique that we can practice to truly embody Kundalini Shakti is Kriyas. The practice of Kriya is a tool for people to increase their ability to hold and sustain Kundalini's increasing energy.

Kriya is "action that leads us to evolution, expansion, and liberation."

In Sattva Himalayan yoga, we practice specific Kriyas which allow the body to learn to cope with increased energy, create deep harmony with the power of the cosmos, and combine the individual with totality. As we access deep wisdom through the practice of Kriya, integration with totality occurs.

Intention: To activate your energetic body and balance Prana.

Discover full guidance for Prana Shakti 1.

It's time for fiercely-feminine asanas!

Following on from Prana Shakti 1, it's essential to end your practice with a grounding asana to embody all of this powerful energy we have built up through breathwork. So step onto your mat and get ready for a restorative yin yoga flow. As you have prepared your mind, body, and soul with meditation, chanting, and breath kriyas, you are now ready to embody all of this cultivated energy and flow through a yoga series to move the Prana beautifully throughout your body.

Try out these 10 yoga poses to awaken your Inner Goddess and harness your Feminine energy.

Shakti is the creative energy of the universe so what better time to get creative? Unlock your fullest potential and let your imagination flow! What makes you feel most alive, soul friends?

Whether it's expressing yourself through singing, moving your body through dance, or exploring your inner artist through painting - run wild and free!

Anything that ignites your creative energy will take you one step closer to the Divine. Promote healing through feeling.

Strengthen your connection to the Divine by discovering your Dharma and integrating this into your daily ritual as the ultimate form of self-love. Invoke your Divine Feminine energy. Honor your fierce female power. Embrace your inner goddess.

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