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Restoring Your Connection with Mother Earth

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Written by Becci Stockman, Content Writer at Inkwell

Our ancestors slept under the stars, walked barefoot on the ground, and cultivated the soil with their hands. But in our modern lifestyle, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors. We’ve literally lost touch with Mother Earth. We find ourselves at a crossroads on Earth Day 2020, recognizing the urgency to restore a balanced relationship with our planet. Take the first step with earthing, the act of connecting our physical body to the natural healing energy of the earth.

Thousands of years ago, humans practiced daily grounding rituals that connected them with the natural healing energy of the earth. Hindus, Buddhists, and Egyptians all embraced our natural state of bare feet while sitting, sleeping, and walking. Shamanic traditions also channel the earth's energy when connecting to the divine. Gaia, the soul of our Earth, empowers infinite abundance. Beyond nurturing our basic needs, Mother Earth presents eternal healing for the mind, body, and soul. From the depths of her roots to the vastness of her botanical lungs, she's the ultimate source of life. There are no limits to her function for the survival of all living things. We are all one, interconnected by her greatness. Today's modern lifestyle has turned a blind eye to the powerful healing energy that our natural environment offers. While protective for our feet, rubber sole shoes block the earth's energy from flowing through our bodies. We no longer sleep under the stars or walk barefoot like our ancestors. When was the last time you reconnected with the earth? It's essential to take the time you need and soak up the earth's natural energy. By embracing our ancestor's daily grounding habits, we can make positive changes to today's sense of disconnection. When your bare skin comes into contact with the earth, your body absorbs electrons. The ground’s abundant free electrons act as a natural antioxidant and neutralizes any excess free radicals, freeing the body of potential disease and inflammation. Physical contact with the earth has proven benefits on overall well-being such as: - Improved immune system - Restoring the balance of our energetic field - Reducing inflammation of the body - Elevating our mood my lifting emotional stress - Improved overall blood flow - Greater spiritual connection with Gaia That’s not to say go move into the woods. But we can find ways to incorporate ancient wisdom into our modern lives. You can stimulate transformational changes with these daily earthing rituals.

Follow these simple, yet effective, grounding techniques to reclaim your connection to Mother Earth.

Return to our most natural state and go barefoot. Simply take off your footwear and plant your bare feet into the ground for skin-to-earth contact. Become fully present, focusing all attention on your natural surroundings. Whether it's the sand between your toes or the grass beneath your feet, feel into this surface and become aware of the earth's skin. Can you acknowledge any sensations arising up through the legs? This earthing exercise integrates an element of reflexology as the naturally uneven surface massages the soles of your feet as you walk, promoting ultimate relaxation.

Gardening can be very therapeutic. Moving out of the unconscious to mindfully engage in an activity that connects you with the roots of the earth. We gain a responsibility to care for another living thing and give back to Mother Earth for all of the amazing things she does for us. Planting trees and nurturing plants gives both our kind and body an enjoyable workout. Nourish the soil. Feel the earth move between your fingers. Let the sun warm your skin. Reconnect with the one pure source that gives rise to all life.

Zhan Zhuang means “standing like a post”. This method involves deeply rooted postures representing an ultimate grounding concept by embodying a tree-like stance. Try this standing meditation to activate your inner strength and power, just like this towering timber.

What better place to practice your daily practice than in nature's arms, surrounded by the essence of its beauty in all its glory. Fill your lungs with the vast, fresh air and dance with the earth's surface as you flow through each movement. Ground your body with the body of the earth. Moving through a series of Mountain Pose, Child's pose, and Downward Dog to enter a sacred union with Gaia.

For those who can not make it outside or prefer to stay within the comforts of your own home, you don't have to miss out on this natural healing energy. Simply bring the outdoors to you with a variety of Earthing products designed to conduct the Earth's energy. By planting a rod in the ground outside, you can connect a cord to an Earthing Mattress that delivers all of the healing benefits without having to leave your home. You can now choose from a variety of Earthing products from pillows to mats and even grounding wristbands! On Earth Day, we remember the vital relationship between ourselves and Mother Earth. Let's celebrate nature together! Check out the list of challenges you can take part in to honor Mother Earth on Earth Day 2020.

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